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My name is Robert Allen also known as Trebor Seven. I am the creator of this website and a student and practitioner of Alchemy, Homeopathy, ESP and Psychokinesis. If you are looking for an easy way to amplify your psychic abilities, increase mental clarity and promote physical and emotional wellbeing my Ormus, Sole and Colloidal Silver supplements might be perfect for you.


After considerable research and experimentation in the fields of: alchemy, astrology, energy work, nutrition, magic and metaphysics; I discovered and developed some unique recipes and sacred rituals that produce safe, all-natural supplements that repotedly offer users some rather “supernatural” benefits. More about benifits>



Sacred Secrets


Ingesting monoatomic gold for health and enlightenment is a secret once revealed only to the priests, magi and pharos. The Egyptians call it MFKTZ. The alchemists call it the philosopher’s stone. The most common name for edible gold nowadays is “Ormus”, or O.R.M.E.S. which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. More about Ormus>


During the process of creating and consuming monoatomic gold I discovered that certain salts and all of the platinum metals are super receivers and transmitters of subtle energy. Using methods similar to those employed by Dr. Emoto during his water blessing experiments, I supercharge my supplements with an abundance of chi or “life-force”.

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Ormus is often called the fifth state of matter as laboratory tests fail to fully identify many of its exotic materials. They are basically the platinum metals alchemically altered to a high-spin electron state. Ormus has a very profound effect on the mind, body and spirit. It is believed to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain creating a heightened since of awareness, improved emotional stability and a connection to the higher-self or “astral body”. Biologically speaking Ormus seems to transmute into whatever the body needs to repair itself. Why choose Sacred Ormus>  


Sole drinking is a common daily ritual in many cultures. It cleans the body from the inside out and leaves one feeling mentally alert and physically energized. Sacred Sole is made with unadulterated Himalayan salt crystals and oxygenated, restructured spring water. Water and salt crystals both have the capacity to retain a tremendous amount of energy and intentions making sole the perfect medium for creating homeopathic medicine. Standard protocol is mix two teaspoons sole with eight ounces of water and drink on an empty stomach.  More about Sole>


Colloidal Silver is submicroscopic size particles of silver suspended in distilled water. Colloidal Silver has been used safely and effectively for centuries to combat all sorts of infections, fungi and pathogens. Colloidal silver is a powerful, all-natural antibiotic that has reportedly healed people of some very serious inflictions such as cancer, MRSA and HIV. When taken preventatively it may assist the immune system in warding off a multitude of biological threats. Preventative dosage for adults of average size range from 1 tsp. up to 1 oz. of 10 ppm per day. More about Silver>



Safety and Legal Precautions


I am certain all my products are safe and effective because I make, test and use them daily myself, but consuming supplements that have not yet been evaluated by the FDA, might be considered risky business. Please do ample research before purchasing, making or consuming any of these supplements and read the full disclaimer summarized below.


The information on this website should be used for research purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or prescribe treatment of specific diseases according to Government regulations. You can consult with your physician before making a decision, but your average medical doctor will probably not know anything about these supplements, subtle energy or homeopathic medicine. Nevertheless, as an American citizen, you have the legal right to medically treat yourself by common law according to Amendment IX of the U.S. Constitution. Full Disclaimer>





The most common reported effects of taking Ormus are improved cognitive function, emotional stability and relief of physical pains and ailments such as muscle fatigue, back, neck and joint pain, arthritis and headaches. Ormus reportedly enhances psychic abilities such as telekinesis, ESP, lucid dreaming and telepathy by as much as 50%. Buy Ormus>


Sole is a safe and natural supplement that detoxifies and energizes the body from the inside out. The most common effects are normalized blood pressure, the balancing of alkaline and acidity and the dissolving of kidney and gallbladder stones, and the list goes on. Buy Sole>


Colloidal silver has been used to combat everything from the common cold to full blown staph infections. Silver is believed to boost the immune system and help it to fend off infections, fungi and pathogens. I have been taking colloidal silver daily for four years with positive result. Buy Silver>  




My intentions are to provide you with a safe and affordable way to try these supplements. I have no desire nor the the time, space or ability to mass produce these products. If you like any of these supplements please visit my video section to learn how to make them.


As demonstrated in the tutorials, the physical act of making these products is quite simple. The production of Ormus or Colloidal silver does require the purchase of some rather expensive equipment, but these instruments can be used for many years to come. The production of sole requires no special equipment and the price for Himalayan salt crystals is quite reasonable.


These products are beneficial in their natural state, and once your body is cleansed and your brain becomes synchronized you will be able to psychically or energetically alter them from medicinal to magical. Ormus, sole and silver are all three superconductors of subtle energy and the perfect place to begin your experimentations with alchemy, homeopathy and spiritual empowerment. Watch the new promotional videos>  




According to legend around 3000 BC three magician astrologists followed a star in the east leading them to their newborn savior. They presented him with the sacred gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

They opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Alchemical Symbol for Transformation

Sacred Gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Renew your mind, restore your body and reclaim your spiritual powers with all-natural supplements alchemically created to perfection and vibrationally supercharged by Trebor Seven!






Sacred Ormus

Three Monoatomic mixtures specifically made for beginning, intermediate and advanced mental, physical and spiritual restoration and empowerment.







Sacred Sole

Begin your day with an all-natural energy boost that purifies the body with energetically infused Sole made with certified Himalayan salt crystals and restructured water.  


Sacred Silver

Avoid taking toxic drugs and give your body an all-natural antibiotic used for centuries to combat and prevent illness. Colloidal Silver is a safe, broad-spectrum remedy.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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The mysteries of ancient Egypt abound.
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Does the FDA Care About Our Health?


Keep in mind the FDA approved ingesting the neurotoxin Aspartame which is derived from the feces of the E. coli bacterium.  They also approve of drinking fluoridated water, eating pesticide laden GMO foods and thousands of other toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Hmmm?     



The seven centers might be shown as small circles within a large circle. In this way, relationships could be symbolized and better understood. We could imagine the seven centers as seven members of a family five children with the mother and father. Click to learn more.
What two foods were found in Egyptian tombs that are still edible today?  Monatomic Gold and Honey
Alchemical Symbol for Transformation




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“Blessed be the man who shall overcome, for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of the purest kind upon which will be written a new name. He will not be the same person.” Revelations 2:17

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Buy Ormus, Mono Atomic Gold, ORMES, Edible Gold

Supernatural Benefits

Natural Supplements


Buy Ormus, Mono Atomic Gold, ORMES, Edible Gold

Supernatural Benefits

Natural Supplements


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