According to legend around 3000 BC three magician astrologists followed a star in the east leading them to their newborn savior. They presented him with the sacred gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

They opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Alchemical Symbol for Transformation

Sacred Gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit

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Alchemical Symbol for Transformation

















Make Sole

Bless Water

Make Ormus

Learn Telekinesis

Restructure Water

Make Colloidal Silver

Sun Gaze








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“To discover the source of this alchemical love within is to uncover the deepest secrets of the soul. It is to unearth and align with the ultimate truth of who we are.” ~Atalina Wright



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Ormus Trinity Best Seller




3-Storage Tins

$130.00 USD Plus shipping


Logos Trio Beginner  


3-Storage Tins

$120.00 USD Plus shipping


Messiah Trio Intermediate


3-Storage Tins

$125.00 USD Plus shipping


Magi Trio Advanced


3-Storage Tins

$150.00 USD Plus shipping

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Ormus Book


Miracle ll Soap

Bentonite Clay

Time Challenger

Willard Water




Glass Jars

Salt for Sole

pH Solutions

Salt for Ormus

Food Grade Lye

Vortex Magnetizer

pH Meters




Storage Tin

Holds 1 Bottle




6" tall x 2.6" wide